By Beth Buczynski

This book contains about 80 pages of introduction to collaborative consumption and sharing economy, and 80 pages of listing and descriptions of collaborative consumption online platforms, so that you can become a sharing economy activist as soon as you finish to read the book.

As I could notice, many of those platforms already went out of market since the book was written, but this might be taken as an hint of which websites are actually doing well and are worth to be tried.

The sharing economy finds its roots in the past, which should be no surprise if we consider that “sharing” is an anthropological attitude that humans bring with them since birth. Said this, it is also true that our culture and our principles change and evolve with the time, letting most of us forget about our innate need for sharing. Here it comes the strength of this book, which tries to convince the reader that Sharing not only is our past but also our future, because the only future that makes sense, is a shared one.

I would not define this reading a “book”, rather I would say it is a “determined manual for the user”. Its language is comprehensible to everybody, I could find no use of academic terminology at all.

You may want to read this book if:

  • you are considering to take part to any collaborative consumption activity;
  • you need to kill your fears about sharing;
  • you would like to have an introduction to the sharing economy;
  • you want to know all the things you can have access to by using sharing economy based online platforms.

Best quotations on my opinion:

“Through the lens of collaborative consumption, it becomes clear that it’s access, not ownership, that’s really essential to meeting our needs and want”.

“We too, are programmed to share, but as a society, we’ve work hard to forget it”


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