Hi everybody, this is the first video of my youtube channel for non Italian speakers. It took a while to get things started but this new adventure is finally on!

I definitly needed a place for ideas and opinions to run freely, and that’s exactly what I hope my youtube channel will look like. As time goes by, I will try to post more videos on trending topics, keeping well in sight the vision we got about the future. Therefore you are more than welcome if you want to participate to the discussions we’ll carry on, by commenting the videos or writing me privately to hello@enricoporceddu.com

Finally, thanks a lot for your feedback, it is essential for me – especially now at the beginning – to understand how to improve my videos, and your suggestions are pretty much the only way I got to do that. I still miss some equipment but I’m doing my best to get organized, step by step.

If you enjoyed my video don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and to turn on notifications by clicking on the bell icon! Thanks for your attention, and see you for the next video.

Enrico P.

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